Pictures for an exhibition

Most of these photographs have been shot in the studio, often mise en scene. Sometimes they are juxtapositions or superpositions of two or more photographs. Other times, they are moments shot outside (for example "America, America" a non-digital photograph from 1973).
I deliberately chose the format of a square which for me reveals the limits of a world in which the vertical is not privileged over the horizontal. The gaze of the viewer is free, not oriented by a dominant axis, while still limited within a closed universe.
These photographs illustrate some existential questions, and they are also accounts of experience.
I can still remember some brief encounters which marked me, shocked me, astonished me, revolted me or made me wonder…..And some human beings also who charmed me, whom I envied, pitied or sometimes spontaneously loved. As a result of their converging, of their “elective affinities” or their being rejected, they have somehow become a part of myself, just as their questioning has become mine. Is there any better way than the traditional portrait to convey the idea of someone’s personality, his identity, his existential priorities?
These different observations and thoughts make up the framework of the photographic project that I have undertaken, of which I am publishing the first constructions here.
  • The loss of innocence
  • The role of education
  • Genealogy
  • Encounter
  • At the fantasy-shop
  • A dream of elsewhere
  • America
  • Yearning for exoticism
  • A simple life
  • Fatal attraction
  • Times
  • The white dolls
  • L'attente